The quintessence of Italian style is revealed in small gestures, preferences and habits. It is an authentic, understated style, the hallmark of innate class, of which Acqua di Parma has been a flag-bearer the world over for almost a hundred years. The luxury of minor rituals is embodied in the Collezione Barbiere creations that perpetuate a rich tradition projected towards modernity.
The Barbiere Collection presents a well-balanced synthesis of elegant design, refined textures and stylish packaging designed with the modern man in mind. It is much more than a collection in the sense that it transforms the mundane into an enthralling ritual that expresses masculine elegance. The collection is composed of formulas and accessories intended for the man who likes to looks after himself and enjoy a moment of well-being to sustain him through the trials and tribulations of daily life.
The act of shaving is a timeless grooming ritual to which generations of men have dedicated time and attention. This collection celebrates this ritual and will undoubtedly appeal to demanding men who pay increasing attention to their personal appearance and for whom a perfect shave is an unmistakable sign of an impeccable lifestyle. The style of Acqua di Parma's Barbiere Collection is akin to the style and refined atmosphere of an ancient Italian barber's shop.



Prepare the skin for shaving, moisturise and protect the skin against ageing.
Collezione Barbiere is a complete line of top quality shaving products which fulfil the needs of the informed man who takes pride in his appearance. In the collection are shaving products that prepare the skin for shaving, including the brand new Shaving Oil and the equally innovative Revitalising Face Cream and Revitalising Eye Treatment, rich in hyaluronic acid for a rejuvinated, healthy skin.
The rich, luxurious textures of the products give an immediate sensation of well-being and the high performance formulas containing advanced active principles, largely from natural ingredients, make for a winning combination. Complete with a fresh neutral fragrance, these products will not overwhelm your favourite Acqua di Parma colonia.
The compact, functional packaging is ideal for those on the move or travelling, and a line of essential accessories made of high prestige materials that combine elegance and ergonomic design.
The Barbiere Collection is all presented in the typically masculine colours of tobacco and prides itself on excellence in the art of shaving and personal care. It enhances the pleasure of an exclusive ritual producing unsurpassed results each day.




Step 1


An impeccable shave starts well before using the razor. A perfectly clean skin reduces friction, often the cause of rashes and irritations and helps the beard grow better. To cleanse the skin, it is advisable to use a scrub with a delicate but effective exfoliating action that removes impurities, reduces shine and has an in-depth purifying effect on the skin, preparing it for shaving. Start by massaging the gel on damp skin with small circular movements, avoiding the area around the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to eliminate any remaining micro-granules. The scrub should be used twice a week, preferably when taking a shower. Ideally, it should be used in the evening to remove the impurities that block the pores during the day, facilitating correct growth of the hairs and easy shaving the next morning.

Step 2


In the morning, the skin should be prepared for shaving in order to avoid rashes and razor burn. The ideal time to shave is after taking a shower as hot water helps to open the pores and soften the skin. It is important to use the right products containing soothing and calming active principles and film-forming agents that through facilitating the sliding of the razor, keep nicks and cuts to a minimum; these formulas also contribute to raising and softening the hair for an even closer shave. Applying the products with circular motions stimulates the microcirculation, reinforcing the effects of the active principles. Leave on the skin for a few minutes to allow the formulas to penetrate the skin. Apply the product more liberally in central zones where the beard is tougher and more difficult to shave.

Step 3


A good quality razor and the correct shaving style is the key to a perfect shave. An adjustable head and firm grip facilitates movement. A multiple blade is preferable as it removes more hair with a single stroke. To prevent irritation and skin damage always shave "with the grain" i.e. in the direction in which your hair grows; rinse the blade in hot water and never dry this with paper tissues or towels. Remember to change the blade frequently as a sharp blade promotes simpler, more delicate shaving. When finished, rinse your face with cold water which closes the pores and helps to reduce shaving burn. Pat your face dry with a towel.

Step 4


After shaving, the skin needs particular care and attention. Application of a specific after-shave soothes irritations and razor burn. It is advisable to use a balm rich in anti-inflammatory, soothing and refreshing active principles, applying this with small delicate movements and dabbing until completely absorbed. In the case of intense irritation, rub the area with an ice cube.


Step 5


The ritual of shaving is also an excellent occasion to dedicate particular care to the face and eye area using products specifically formulated for men. For a relaxed look, it is important to select a treatment that combines moisturising and nourishing properties with a beneficial revitalising effect. Apply a small amount of product, smoothing this carefully along the bone structure of the area around the eye, taking care to use the tips of your ring fingers for a more delicate touch. Moving from the inside towards the outside reinforces the draining effect, which is ideal in the morning. Working in the opposite direction, from the outside to the inside, is ideal in the evening to reduce frown lines and stress accumulated during the day. A cream rich in active anti-aging principles that guarantees in-depth nourishment of the skin is excellent for the face and can be used morning and evening, delicately massaging a small amount of the product. Face cream can also be used as a mask in particular situations, for example after a long journey to relieve signs of tiredness or if the skin has been exposed to extreme weather conditions and appears visibly stressed. In these cases, apply a generous layer evenly on the entire face and leave to work for five minutes. Dab off any excess product.



The Acqua di Parma boutique can be found at an exclusive address in the heart of Milan, a veritable hub for authentic Italian style. It is a setting in which each subtle detail reveals a long history and tradition of artisanal culture.
The space has been designed with understated elegance, striking a perfect balance between contemporary minimalism and an unparalleled heritage of tradition and culture.
Passing through the rooms of this refined Italian mansion, attention is immediately drawn to a small, intimate and typically masculine space, the Acqua di Parma Barber's Shop. Decorated with exquisitely elegant wall coverings in wengé wood and cashmere, the classic fabric of men's clothes created at great Italian ateliers, Acqua di Parma has managed to create a space where time takes on a new dimension, and most crucially where men can come and enjoy the ritual of shaving according to the most classical Italian tradition, sitting in a real barber's chair. Shaving creams and oils, after-shave balm and special treatments, are the formulas created by Acqua di Parma to accompany each phase of this ritual performed by a skilled, expert barber. Acqua di Parma has incorporated the experience and suggestions of shaving specialists in an innovative collection of luxurious shaving essentials designed to cater to men's demands and expectations.